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WLARC Safety Advisor – Gilly Dean – on Safety Channel 8 contactable via Race Control.

Emergency Contact Numbers for the Regatta are:

- 07932 746371 (Regatta Secretary) Vivien Jackson

- 07799 644609 Gilly Dean



Competitors must read this WLARC 2015 Safety Plan for instructions on boating from WLARC and the Elmbridge Canoe Club and should follow the circulation pattern on the attached map. The map shows the course and surrounding river.


Proceeding to the Start

Boating from WLARC Boathouse (Fours & Eights):

  • Crews boating from WLARC must be aware that normal navigation rules apply until they reach the main regatta area, as identified by the yellow “Regatta” notice boards.
  • Crews boating from WLARC boathouse will boat upstream and turn clockwise away from the towpath towards the top of D’Oyle Carte Island, they then navigate on the towpath side towards the bottom end of D'Oyle Carte Island, where they cross to the Middlesex side and navigate through the bridge on the Middlesex (non towpath) side in the buoyed channel.


Boating From Elmbridge Canoe Club (Singles & Doubles):

  • Crews boating from the Canoe Club will boat with bows pointing upstream. Being aware of any boats coming downstream from Weybridge Ladies/Weybridge clubs they should then cross immediately and spin in the area between the D'Oyle Carte and Desborough Islands, keeping to the Canoe Club side of the line of buoys between the points of both Islands..
  • All competitors must follow the direction of marshals in the boating area and on the bridge before the navigation lane in the Desborough channel, and must be prepared to stop before passing under the bridge if crews are approaching from the race course.


All Boats

Navigation Lane Beside the Racing Course

  • The race course and navigation lane are in an area between the Finish Bridge (upstream) and the Start Bridge (downstream).
  • This area is closed to other river traffic during the Regatta; from one hour before racing starts until 30 minutes after racing has ended.
  • Practice starts and warm ups are not permitted in this area.
  • Proceed with care under the bridge, paying particular attention to the posts on either side of the bridge abutments, into the buoyed navigation lane alongside the regatta course, keeping as close to the bank as possible. This lane is for regatta traffic only.
  • A marshal will be positioned about 250 metres upstream from the start of the course and will instruct competitors to stop at this point if a race is about to start.
  • A Marshal will be positioned on the start bridge; observing crews making their way along the navigation lane towards the start. This marshal will control entry to the warm up and waiting area.


Warm Up Area

  • Warm up and practice starts may take place in the area between the Start Bridge and Walton Bridge.
  • Do not go under Walton Bridge and do not turn your boat immediately above the bridge.
  • This area is outside of the regatta course and is subject to normal navigation rules.
  • You should be aware of other river traffic in this area at all times and obey instructions from marshals.


The Race Course

  • The course is approximately 900 metres, upstream.
  • Please wait in the warm up area to be called to the start; with your opposition.
  • Proceed with care under the bridge, paying particular attention to the posts on either side of the bridge abutments.
  • On approaching the finish, competitors on the towpath side must keep well away from the bank to avoid the post on this side. Please follow the marker buoys, as these will guide you away from the obstruction.


Returning to the Canoe Club and WLARC

  • At the conclusion of the race, crews will pass under the Finish Bridge and navigate on the towpath side of the river.
  • Singles and Doubles will return to the Canoe Club, disembarking facing upstream.
  • Fours and Eights will make their way further upstream towards the WLARC boathouse, keeping to the towpath side.



The following are highlighted to assist competitors to keep safe whilst on the water. Please be aware of:

  • Shepperton Lock (identified on the Map); be aware of river traffic using the lock.
  • Wooden Posts either side of the Start and Finish Bridges (follow the line of buoys that will guide you away as you approach the start bridge from the navigation and as you approach the finish on the racing course)
  • Other river users in the non-regatta areas; in particular, in the warm up area.



In the case of an accident on the course, racing will be stopped. The nearest umpire will summon assistance via Race Control, stating the nature and location of the accident. Race Control will call the nearest safety boat to attend. Racing will not recommence until the course has been cleared. The safety boat in attendance will advise Race Control when it is safe to recommence racing. Race Control will then advise all umpires.



In the event of severe storms or adverse weather conditions, racing will be suspended and crews will be instructed to leave the water. Competitors in the warm up area and near to the start should remove their boats at Cowey Sale (marked on the map). All other competitors should return to base.



A safety boat will be summoned by a regatta official to attend any medical emergency, on the water. Casualties will be taken by boat to the First Aid Station at the Canoe Club. Medical emergencies off the water will be attended by St John Ambulance crew; summoned by a regatta official.


The First Aid Station will be the St John Ambulance situated in front of the Canoe Club.


Weybridge Walk In Centre, High Street, Weybridge, (Sunday opening hours – 9am to 3pm)


A&E at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey


Dial 999 for incidents requiring assistance beyond the scope of that available on the Regatta site.




WLARC Regatta




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WLARC is situated in a lovely, and easily accessible, location close to Weybridge centre with ample free parking.


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