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Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club

At WLARC we have a broad range of rowing experiences to suit everyone's needs, with easy access to one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Thames. We offer coaching that ranges from encouraging skilful and experienced rowers, through to Try Days for anyone who wants to experience rowing for the first time. There are recreational rowing sessions, opportunities for joining a racing crew, junior training  and excellent fitness training throughout winter.  WLARC has appropriate boats and equipment set up for and maintained by female rowers. Our club also has a thriving social side.

See below further details of what WLARC could offer you:



At  WLARC we are  incredibly proud of our coaches and the training they deliver for members. All of which is included in the membership fee.

Our coaches are volunteers and have the appropriate coaching qualifications.


Coaching is available to all our members.

On the water we offer crews a series of 4 coaching sessions, so that there is focus and progression over time. Learning objectives are agreed beforehand for the crew as a whole and for individual crew-members.

If you are a beginner you will be invited to join a team of other rowers of similar ability. Many of our members started with us via our Try Days and have developed into very competent technical rowers at WLARC – many have also progressed into our racing crews.

At WLARC we take pride in having great technique. Our coaches are there to support your rowing goals regardless of your level of experience. Over time even the most competent  rowers can develop bad habits, and a coach can support you in making those all important adjustments.




At WLARC we are an inclusive club and have members of all ages engaged in recreational rowing. There is no pressure to join a race crew if you can't commit the time. We have many members who row with us to stay fit and flexible, who experience the mental and physical benefits of being outdoors and on the water enjoying the company of friendly, like-minded women.

Recreational rowers at WLARC benefit from rowing in the same fine boats that are used by all club members. This is not common, and other clubs use more stable ‘touring’ boats which are suitable for long distance and leisure rowing. We are able to row long distances in the fine boats, and if overnight stays are involved a land based support crew would accompany the trip.

We have weekend sessions for recreational rowers on both Saturday and Sunday. These are fitness and technique sessions and although we like to have fun, we take our rowing seriously and are not afraid to break into a sweat and get our heart rate up on these outings. 

In the summer months there are also midweek evening sessions and coaching is also available (see Coaching).

We do take occasional rows through the local locks to venture further afield. Molesey and Kingston, Staines and Wraysbury can be reached in a day out with a stop for a leisurely lunch.

We have also taken part in annual long distance events such as the Great River Race on the Tidal Thames (we borrow fixed seat boats), the Head of the Dart race in Devon, the Vogalonga in Venice and the ‘Coupe des Dames’ in France. It is great fun to take a crew to different venues and take part in these long distance events. The fitness and stamina that is required is built during the regular weekly sessions. Our recreational rowers still challenge themselves, and see some great places.



When the wintry weather hits we head inside for land  training.


A land training session is typically 90 minutes duration with a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. There are ergo sessions (rowing machines), core exercises, circuit training and weights. 

The training takes place in our boathouse. The sessions are organised and run by one of our qualified coaches.

The training aims to build up fitness levels gradually over winter to condition us for the demanding winter head races. Recreational rowers are still welcome.

The sessions are structured in a way that accommodates any level of fitness.

Girl Power Facilities


Our club is in an easily accessible location close to Weybridge town centre with ample free parking. We benefit from a beautiful outlook over the weir at Shepperton Lock and a dedicated landing stage providing easy access to the water.

Established on the site of a working boatyard, the club has provided facilities for its members in the original boathouse since the 1920s.

All the boats in our fleet are tailored for women’s rowing. They cover a range of weights and levels of competence; from beginners to racing crews.

A  comprehensive range of appropriate equipment is avaliable for land-training: a stretching and core exercise area, rowing machines and free weights.

We have a social area and kitchen facilities for the all-important post training cuppa,  showers, changing rooms and a cloakroom area.

Our club is run by volunteers and all our facilities are maintained and developed through the skills and commitment of our club members.

Is rowing for you?


Interested in taking up rowing, but not sure if it’s for you? Attend one of our ‘Try Days’ and give rowing a go!

A WLARC try day is for women (age 18+) new to the sport or for those who have participated in the sport before, but need a refresher.

We offer a one day course  including land based and on the water based practical sessions. Taking pat in a Try Day provides you with a five hour weekend session, including instruction by our qualified coaches and support from our members. Try Days enable you to have a basic insight into women’s rowing as a sport and fitness activity. 

We aim to cover the basic rowing (sculling) technique (both on the rowing machine and the water) and water safety. If you like the sport we provide further information regarding club membership.

There is a small charge for taking part in a try day.  If you are interested in joining a Try Day contact us via email.   

If Racing


Racing is open to all members with a basic level of fitness, appropriate technical capabilityy and steering competency.

WLARC racing crews have the opportunity to enter a number of races ranging from smaller local regattas in the summer, to the more reputed and prestigious national long distance headraces in the winter. We also host our own regatta every year.

Racing at WLARC can be a fun part of training or an end goal for your crew. The ultimate aim is to bring home that nice shiny pot! We are always in it to win it!

Joining a racing crew at WLARC is a great opportunity to reach your rowing goals by joining a competitive rowing environment with like-minded competitive women.

Friendliness, Fitness &


WLARC is, for many of our members, not just about being part of a rowing club offering great rowing experiences in a lovely location. It’s also about meeting with like-minded women. Many of our members have found new friends via the club, support each other in other aspects of life and meet socially outside of the rowing club.

At WLARC we recognise that having a social element to our club is important for effective teamwork in the boat, and in the successful running of the club. WLARC organises a number of fun social events throughout the year. Our events are both on and off the water ranging from Christmas fancy dress rows to summer garden parties.

Our club is 100% run by volunteers. We care greatly about our club and are very proud to have so many of our members involved with the running of WLARC.

Cutting the grass or carrying out boat maintenance is much more fun when you do it together and when you can have a bit of a laugh doing it. Our land training sessions can also be 'belly achingly' fun.

Having a laugh just makes everything a little easier!

The best stretch of river


Our club is situated on the River Thames at Weybridge and our home stretch runs downstream from Shepperton Lock to Sunbury Lock (approximately 3km).

"An outing with WLARC may be anything from a full-on row at race pace to a gentle sunset paddle when the world is put to rights and the cygnets are tucking up for the night. No two outings are the same. We are very fortunate to have the privilege of rowing on one of the most beautiful stretches of river." Gilly Dean


Interesting features:

  • D’Oyle Carte Island
  • Desborough Island: an area of grass and woodland popular with dog walkers
  • The Old River: the original path of the river through Shepperton, prior to construction of the Desborough Cut as a flood control measure
  • Desborough Cut: a 1km straight stretch ideal for training when being coached from the bank
  • Cowey Sale: more open water leading down to the new Walton Bridge
  • The Anglers and The Swan pubs
  • Tumbling Bay Weir



This stretch of river is home to a wide variety of birds: swans, geese, ducks, coots, herons, kingfishers, grebes and many more. Parakeets and black-headed gulls scream overhead.  Feral terrapins can be seen near D’Oyle Carte Island and mink also swim past.


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