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WLARC is a unique club on a beautiful stretch of the Thames. We are committed to offering a diverse and all-encompassing experience:

1) Instruction, coaching and practical experience to enable our members to reach a competent level of ability.

2) Improvement and maintenance of fitness levels. This includes water sessions whenever possible and in all weathers (we are a hardy bunch!) and structured land training using our rowing machines, circuit training, weights and other things we throw in for fun!

3) Racing. Improve ability and develop fitness - racing as crews or as individuals to represent WLARC and bring home the trophies.

4) Supportive, fun and confident women's club. We have a great history and are proud to be part of the future of women’s rowing. There are also members who are great at negotiating tax laws, fixing boat racking, fund raising, gardening, pouring the odd glass of wine and creating culinary master pieces to name but a few of the crucial skills required to run a club.

For more information about our comprehensive offer please visit our What We Offer page.

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What do our members say?

“I love this stretch of water and it's brilliant having so many great girls to row with. I learned to row at WLARC and am overwhelmed with the support I have been given. I am so grateful for the time that has been invested in me in terms of coaching. It's very impressive!”

“I am surrounded by like-minded ladies. It’s competitive and social at the same time. At WLARC I have great opportunity to improve fitness and rowing skills in a competitive environment. “

“WLARC is a great club with a friendly atmosphere and welcoming from the minute I sent my enquiring email. It’s a lovely location on a great stretch of river. Support is offered all round to racers, recreational rowers and novices...Extremely supportive.”

“WLARC welcome all women, whatever age or level of fitness, and encourage them to enjoy rowing with or without racing. I have been a member for 25 years.”

“It's become a regular part of my life. Rowing, keeping fit, being outdoors on the water and socialising with the girls is important for my physical and mental wellbeing. I have had the opportunity to learn more than how to row i.e. coaching and boat maintenance.”

“It’s important for me to train in a welcoming environment where people are passionate about the sport.”

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Rates are reviwed each year at our annual AGM

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At WLARC we offer excellent value for money. Cheaper than joining the gym and you get SO much more (visit our What we offer page for more details on what your WLARC membership will give you).


WLARC  Boat House

Thames Tow Path

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