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The Regatta is run in accordance with British Rowing’s Rules of Racing and their publication – “Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing”.

Coaches/Rowing Masters/Club Captains – please ensure you and your crews read and understand the Weybridge Ladies’ Regatta Safety Plan, together with the Circulation Pattern. Further copies of these documents will be available from Regatta Registration.

Please read the draw carefully and ensure that all your entries are correct and advise the Regatta Entries Secretary in advance of any issues with the draw.

Registration: Competitors must check in at Registration, which is situated at the front of the Canoe Club, at least 1 hour before their first race. Any outstanding entry fees must be paid before racing numbers are issued. Random checks of BR racing licenses may be made.

Racing Numbers: Must be worn by the bow person in all boats. Two numbers are provided – one for the racing top, the other for any outer layer. Numbers will not be worn by coxes.

Substitutions: Please ensure that ALL substitutions made since submitting your entry are notified at this time (even if the substitution has been made on BROE-2). (BR RoR 7.2.4 c and e)

Boating Locations: Crews must advise Race Control if they plan to boat from anywhere other than the WLARC (4’s & 8’s) or the Elmbridge Canoe Club (1x’s & 2x’s) boating areas and ensure you have provided Registration with a mobile telephone contact number that will be monitored before and after racing.

There is insufficient room to boat 4s and 8s from the Canoe Club pontoon. Therefore, they must be unloaded at the Canoe Club and walked to the Weybridge Ladies’ landing stage to boat (see map). Boats may be rigged and left in the Weybridge Ladies’ grounds or alongside the adjoining towpath. Please provide own trestles and please do not block the towpath.


  • Weigh in at Registration at the Canoe Club prior to your first race of the day
  • Provide your own life jacket/buoyancy aid, know how to inflate it and have it suitably secured when going afloat. (coxes of bow loaders must not wear automatically inflatable life jackets)
  • Provide any dead weight needed and have this with you when weighing in. Note dead weight should consist of as few items as possible, ideally weights, and must not be attached to the cox in the boat, but stored as close as possible.
  • Will be issued with a weight certificate, confirming cox meets the minimum weight requirement and noting the weight and type of any dead weight being carried. This certificate may be checked by Control Commission officials in the boating area when going afloat.

Coxes minimum weight requirements:

  • 55kg for Senior Open, Masters Open J18-16, Mixed Crews
  • 50kg for Senior Women, Masters Women, WJ18 – WJ16
  • 45kg for J15 and under

Control Commission: It is the responsibility of crews, rowing masters, coaches, to ensure their boats and equipment meet the standards defined in Row Safe. However, random inspections will be carried out by officials at both WLARC and the Canoe Club covering:

  • Bow balls secure
  • Heel restraints attached in accordance with rule 2-3-8b (7cm rule)
  • Hatch covers secure
  • Steering mechanism
  • EA boat ID displayed
  • Coxes Life Jacket, Weight Certificates and any dead weight

Boats failing inspection will not be allowed to race.

Going Afloat and the Race Course: Crews must advise Race Control if they will not be at the start for their scheduled race time, due to circumstances beyond their control. Unless otherwise notified, races will start on time. All requests to amend race start time must be made to race control, with a representative of the opposition crew.

Competitors must be familiar with the boating and circulation plans and the Regatta Safety Plan.

Allow 30 minutes to reach the start from the Weybridge Ladies boathouse and 20 minutes from the Elmbridge Canoe Club. Please also allow for waiting time at landing stages.

No practice starts or race pace rowing is permitted in any area on the way to the start. Crews may warm up once they have passed under the bridge below the Start and only if safe to do so. Crews ignoring this rule will be given an Official Warning.

Once below the bridge at the start end of the race course beware of other river traffic.

Do Not Go Below the Cowey Sale Slipway / Bend – there is no safety cover past this point.

The Start: Races may be taken out of order – listen for instructions from the marshals on the bridge at the Start end of the race course. Stations are Surrey (towpath side) and Middlesex (Desborough Island side) Starts are “free starts”, i.e. no stake boats and will be started by the Umpire on the Surrey station. Under normal river conditions there will be a staggered start in favour of the Surrey station, to take account of the bend.

The Course: is approximately 900 metres and is umpired from the Surrey (towpath) bank.

The Finish: Races will finish approximately 30 metres downstream of the bridge at the top of the Desborough Channel.

Appeals Procedure: Crews wishing to protest the outcome of a race should do so immediately the race finishes. Protests may be made by a crew member raising their hand at the end of the race, or by a club official, to the Finish Judges. As a consequence of the wave programme, any protest made once crews are off the water may be too late to be considered.

All: The towpath is a National Cycle Route and care needs to be taken by all attending the Regatta.

Changing Rooms and Toilets: are available upstairs at the Elmbridge Canoe Club and at Weybridge Ladies’ Club. The Regatta Committee and WLARC are not responsible for loss or damage to kit or equipment.

Refreshments: Available from the catering stand close to registration. Bacon butties will be available from early morning. Sandwiches, BBQ, cakes, water, soft drinks, tea & coffee will be available throughout the day.

There is a seating area with tables upstairs at the Canoe Club (accessed by the stairs on the outside of the club near to the catering tent) Please take shelter inside the Canoe Club in case of rain/thunderstorms.

Prize Giving and ID: Prizes will be presented in the registration area after each Wave. Finalists must present photographic ID to Registration in order to receive their Winner’s Medal.

Race Results: Will be displayed at Race Control and be available via the following link: WLARC Rowstats.

Trailer Parking: All trailers must park in the Elmbridge Canoe Club public car park, Walton Lane, KT13 8LU. (signed with a blue ‘P’ sign on Walton Lane). There is a very tight turn into the car park but there will be marshals to guide you – please follow their direction for parking.

If you intend to leave your trailer at the Canoe Club on Saturday evening, you must let us know, before the weekend, as we need to be prepared and open the barrier for you. Then please call on the day, advising your arrival time. Telephone 07932 746371

Do not block the entrance to the grassed area (marked by low sliding bar). This will be opened on Sunday morning to allow trailer access.

Cars: Parking will be available in the field opposite the entrance to the Elmbridge Canoe Club public car park. Please park as directed by the marshals. The car park will close one hour after the last race.


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