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Child Welfare Policy & Plan


The Organising Committee of the Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club Regatta believes that the welfare and wellbeing of all children is of paramount importance.  All children, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or ability, have equal rights to safety and protection.  All suspicions, concerns and allegations of harm will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.


Regatta Child Welfare Officer

The regatta Child Welfare Officer (CWO) is Vivien Jackson. Anyone wishing to contact, her should do so via Race Control (situated at the Elmbridge Canoe Club). She will hear any concerns and allegations and decide on the most appropriate course of action; which may include reporting to the police and the British Rowing Child Protection Officer.

Emergency Contact Details of Responsible Adults

Contact details for responsible adults accompanying juniors will be requested and held at Registration and used in case of any emergency. Coaches and those responsible for juniors at the regatta must ensure that the correct emergency telephone numbers are available. Please check with registration upon crew check-in. No individual contact details for juniors will be held by the regatta.


Whilst every effort is taken by the regatta to ensure the safety of everyone at the event, adults accompanying juniors (coaches, parents, guardians) are expected to ensure that the boating and river conditions are suitable for the juniors in their care. They are also reminded of the need to ensure juniors are wearing suitable clothing for the conditions and that conditions can change very quickly. Shelter from the cold and heat is available upstairs at the Elmbridge Canoe Club.

Missing Persons

In the event that a junior goes missing for more than 30 minutes and does not appear to be in the proximity of the regatta, and where a coach or parent has concerns for their wellbeing, this should be reported to Race Control who will contact the regatta CWO, alert officials, put out an announcement over the loudspeaker system and contact the police (if this is deemed appropriate and has not already been done).


Due to the nature of the competition, there may be professional photographers and parents taking pictures of competing crews. No photography of any sort is permitted in any changing room. If anyone has concerns about inappropriate photography, please report this to the CWO via Race Control.


There will be no alcohol available for sale at the WLARC regatta.

Contact Details:

WLARC Child Welfare Officer Vivien Jackson Via Race Control

British Rowing Child Protection Officer 020 8237 6700

NSPCC 0808 800 5000


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